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Educational Programs

Educational Programs

JSID Young Academician-Fostering Seminar (Kisaragi Juku)

The Japanese Society for Investigative Dermatology (JSID) has established a seminar to train promising, enthusiastic young dermatological researchers. The seminar, named the JSID Kisaragi Juku ("the JSID Young Academician-Fostering Seminar"), started in 2010. "Kisaragi" is the Japanese word for February in the old lunar calendar, and we plan to hold the seminar every February.
In recent years, with changes in the clinical training system, it is said that fewer young doctors in all fields are showing interest in research careers.
Dermatology seems to be no exception. It is given that enthusiasm for research in one's field is important for a doctor who specializes in clinical medicine. Success in research requires far-reaching thinking by the individual researcher, which leads to improving the abilities and qualities of the individual. Every study will play its part in contributing to international dermatologic science.
Knowledge, techniques, information and opportunities for interaction with other researchers are not always available to individual dermatologic researchers within their own laboratory alone. JSID believes providing intensive seminars to educate young researchers through human exchanges of heated educational discussions can be one of the solutions to help change those circumstances.
JSID had seriously examined the establishment of a seminar for young researchers. Fortunately, it became possible to hold a three-day seminar in Okinawa since Feb. 2010. We believe it was the first step to foster the young dermatologic researchers, which is one of the most important issues for JSID. To form the JSID Committee for the Young Researchers' Seminar, we selected associate and assistant professors who have been active in research and have shown solid achievements from among members throughout Japan. They put a large amount of effort into the preparation.
The seminar aims to invigorate and cultivate the participants. They and their tutors (the JSID Committee on Young Academician-Fostering Seminar) will strive to achieve these aims. Being active internationally is necessary for researchers, and they have times for international interactions. Warm exchanges are naturally the basis for Kisaragi Juku. It is ideal that attendees and their tutors could establish lasting friendships.
Inspired by the success of JSID Kisaragi Juku, European Society for Dermatological Research (ESDR) started a similar program for their young members. We held a joint seminar with ESDR and SID at IID2018 and many young researchers exchanged their opinions with animation.
Candidates for Kisaragi Juku shall be under the age of 40 or shall have completed their undergraduate education no more than 10 years before. We accept one attendee from one university as a general rule. Basically, professor and chairman at each university or institution throughout Japan will recommend young researchers. The capacity of the seminar is 30 persons. When applicants exceed that number, JSID will review applications.
It is our desire to see both the participants and the JSID grow more through Kisaragi Juku. "JSID Kisaragi Award" is presented to the best participant at the end of three-day seminar. In addition, the recipient will be also awarded with the opportunity to represent Kisaragi Juku at the 49th Annual Meeting of JSID.
Hoping the attendees will be able to meet good friends and good tutors, and they can picture their brilliant future through our seminar....
We strongly encourage a lot of enthusiastic, promising young researchers to participate.

Manabu Fujimoto, President, JSID
Manabu Ohyama, Secretary-General, JSID
The Committee on Young Academician-Fostering Seminar: Ken Natsuga, Keitaro Fukuda, Mari Kishibe, Saeko Nakajima, Aiko Sada, Sayaka Shibata, Takuya Takeichi

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