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Academic Awards


POLA PHARMA INC. established the POLA PHARMA RISING STAR AWARD in 2014 to support the young and energetic researchers aiming at further development of investigative dermatology. In 2019, we will offer this award as follows.

Eligibility (Qualifications)

  • Applicant must be aged up to 49 years as of April 1st 2019.
  • Applicant must be a member of the JSID.
  • Applicant must be a dermatologist certified by the Japanese Dermatological Association. (Regardless of nationality or location of affiliation)
  • The applications from the recipients of the JSID Award in the previous year and in the same year will not be accepted.

How to apply

Apply to by e-mail
Deadline for applications: 30 June, 2019
Applications should include:

  1. A list of main first-author papers and their electronic data
  2. A list of corresponding-author or second-author papers excluding 1
  3. A list of main 10 papers in the past five years (overlapped papers in 1 and 2 are acceptable)
  4. A summary of research achievements (around 400 written characters in Japanese)
  5. Total Impact Factor, h-index, Total Citation Number (by Scopus)
  6. The main overseas invited lectures (10 lectures)
  7. A list of English journals for which you act as an editorial board
  8. The status of acquisition of competitive research funds in the past five years
  9. A record of awards
  10. A list of official positions in the societies

Selection method

Applications will be evaluated by the selection committee (President, Secretary-General, and head of the Committee on Scientific Activities of JSID) and the award recipient is selected via approval by the Board of Directors.

Notification of results

POLA PHARMA INC. will notify the applicants of the result in August 2019.


The award will be presented in Aomori in November 2019 at the 44th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Investigative Dermatology. The award winner will be required to give an award lecture and a reward of two million yen, a certificate, and a memorial object will be bestowed.


Yoshihide Asano (The University of Tokyo)

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